Work Smarter Not Harder!

major and common problem for most individuals is that they have too much work but no adequate time for which to diligently do it. An effective solution to this problem is to fine tune one’s time management skills. This is to mean that by utilizing the available working hours efficiently, people can attack stress on numerous fronts.


There are a good number of benefits that can be enjoyed when a person works smarter, some of the notable ones include the following:

i. An individual tends to feel more in control, productivity increases and a sense of security in employment is experienced.

ii. There is a feeling of greater satisfaction that people who work smarter experience in the jobs they do.

iii. The ultimate advantage of learning how to work smarter is that an individual gets more time for which to enjoy life and participate in relaxing activities.

How do you work smarter?
It does not matter how hard one tries to juggle their schedule because the number of hours in a day will always be constant. However, it is possible for people to appropriately adjust their habits so as to create for which the things that matter the most can be accomplished.

The following are a few tips that can help you work smarter:

Regular planning
One can make a to-do list every night that covers all their unfinished businesses as well as projects. Afterwards, they can then review the list so as to prioritize and ultimately decide on the time that is required to accomplish each activity. A planner that displays a complete week at a time can be used.

It is important to think strategically because 80% of our accomplishments are usually as a result of 20% of our efforts. Proceed to identify 20% of the work that you consider to be important or valuable to yourself and your employer and try to focus on it once it is identified.

It is crucial that you learn how to pass projects to your subordinates at your work place. In the same line of thought, you can get your children to help out with chores in your household and even hire a gardener to maintain your lawn.

Strive to always set deadline especially for major projects. After setting the dates, immediately start working on them. Carefully divide the major projects into pieces that are manageable and attack each at a time. It is good to realize that most people who experience trouble in meeting deadlines have unrealistic ideas that the work they do should always be perfect. It is better to expect quality instead of perfection as it is elusive.

Concentration time
You can set aside a certain time of the day every day for which you can be disturbed in any way except there is an emergency. This means that you should schedule concentration time. This time should be utilized to accomplish the most important tasks of the day.

Plan ahead for the next day at night in the comfort of your home, this way you will start your workday in the right way. You can pack the lunch you will eat the next day while in your kitchen and lay out your clothes in readiness for the next day. This will free up some time that can be dedicated to doing the things you love in a pressure-free manner before you retire to bed.

How do you work smarter? Now you know. Follow the above tips to enjoy the benefits that are associated with working smarter instead of harder.




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