What is Time Management?

Time management is an essential skill that everybody should learn. It’s a vital ingredient to the mix of life and the key to success. While we’ve all heard people talking about time management putting it into practice takes time and a lot of self-discipline. Learn the skills, and you will soon start to see the benefits of time management.

Time management is about learning to prioritise your day, your week and ultimately your whole life. It’s about being able to enjoy your life instead of worrying about what hasn’t been done. It’s about leaving your work at the office where it belongs and being able to spend quality time with your family.

Start each day with a to-do list. Eventually you won’t need one of these every day because you will have learnt how to effectively manage your time without the need for lists. Each day you should make a list of your tasks and then prioritise them into order of importance. Always put the most important at the top of the list. Then tackle that list one job at a time. Do not look at the rest of the list until you have completed the first task.

You will start to see the benefits almost immediately. At the end of your day you will be able to look at that list and see how many tasks you have been able to complete and you may be amazed at just how much you have achieved. That is one of the benefits of effective time management – a real sense of achievement. Whereas before you may have been muddling through your day, trying to juggle 6 different jobs and completing none of them, now you will see that you have actually completed all of them.

This leads to another benefit of time management – reduced stress levels. We’ve all been there, tensed up and worrying about getting it all done, not having enough time in the day to do everything. Once you start to see that you can, in actual fact accomplish everything you need to in the day, your stress levels will start to lower until you can go through the day without worrying about a thing – or very little anyway. This will lead to a much healthier lifestyle for you and those around you.

You will find that your productivity levels will increase greatly. Instead of muddling through and getting 1 or 2 jobs completed out of 6 you will find that all of them will be done thus increasing your productivity at least 2 or 3 times over. Think how great you will feel knowing that you can achieve so much in the space of one day. Your confidence levels will rise and you will actually start to feel satisfied with your day’s work.

As you can see, learning the skills of time management is not just about being effective, it’s about living your life. It’s about having the time to live your life to the full and enjoy it, knowing that you have deserved it. Whilst it may seem a bit of a drag to start with the benefits of time management will soon kick in and you will reap the rewards.

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